How It Works

How it Works

Get Legal Advice for Divorce Online


How can I get Legal Advice on Divorce or Family law ?

The process is quick and easy.

1. Contact us for a private consultation (By Phone or by Email).

2. Tell us about your situation and ask your question(s).

3. Make your Payment via Paypal (Fixed fee - Consultation Fee).

4. Receive a Legal Advice from a Specialized Legal Advisor in 24-48 Hours.

Click here to submit the contact form and a Lawyer/Legal Advisor will get back to you shortly. Explain in no more than 500 words what is your question about Divorce and a specialized legal advisor will answer you by email or will communicate with you by phone. What you write in the description box of the form has to be similar to what you would tell a lawyer about your situation if you were in a face to face consultation.

Legal Advice by Email (up to 500 words):

One the payment is confirmed on Paypal, you will receive an answer from the lawyer within 24-48 hours at the email address you provide on the contact form below. It is recommended to provide a secure and confidential email address that only you have access to.  If your question is not complete enough to fully understand your issue, you will likely receive an email from the specialized legal advisor asking additional information before receiving an answer. 

Legal Advice by Phone (up to 15 minutes):

Please provide in the message box the best time of day or night for the lawyer to call you for the phone consultation.  You will receive a phone call from the lawyer within 24-48 hours at the phone number you will provide on the form below. If your question is not complete enough to fully understand your issue, you will receive an email from the specialized legal advsor asking additional information before receiving an answer. 

Once the contact form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and it will take you to the pay page where you can make a secure payment via Paypal. 

Price - Fixed Fee service for a Legal Consultation by phone or email.

$49 (fixed fee) per consultation.

The payment will be charged as a consultation fee. 

Click here to view the terms of use or contact us if you have any questions or comments.

We have kept our work flow seamless and very easy to make things smoother for all people who have questions or who needs a private consultation regarding a divorce or family law. All you need to do is to fill out the contact form, choose your preferred mode of communication (phone or email) and to pay a small consultation fee online via Paypal. You can expect a response in 24-48 hours. You can even book a private consultation by chat or by phone for detailed discussion after that if the scenario raises the need. If you don't receive an answer from the legal advisor in a 48-72 hours delay after your payment is confirmed, please contact us and your payment will be refunded.