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Agreement between the Lawyer/Legal Advisor and the visitor that is being introduced and or referred by this website (Legal Advice for Divorce.com)


1) Please read this information carefully so you understand clearly the scope of services offered to you through this website (Legal Advice for Divorce.com). When limiting the scope of representation, Lawyers/Legal advisors can be more responsive to client needs and help serve vulnerable populations. This website offers you “unbundled” legal services.

By making a payment to receive a private consultation and legal advice by phone or by email from a legal advisor that is reffered by the website Legal Advice for Divorce.com the following terms of use and the privacy, terms and conditions (click here) of Legal Advice for Divorce.com become part of the agreement. By accessing, browsing or making a request and payment to receive a legal advice through this website, you expressly accept the following terms of use without modification, and intend to be legally bound by them. Please read these terms of use carefully and if you do not accept these general terms and conditions of an online legal private consultation, please do not use the website or make any payment through Legal Advice for Divorce.com. By making a payment and in order to receive your legal advice by phone or by email from a specialized lawyer and or legal advisor, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms of use, agreement, accept the agreement, and agree to be bound by them. 

2) Unbundling means dividing comprehensive legal representation into a series of discrete tasks, only some of which the client contracts with the lawyer to perform. In other words, unbundling is about limiting the scope of a lawyers representation of a client to the areas or projects the client wants most.

3) Lawyers must still provide competent representation for the services undertaken, may not neglect the work they agree to perform, and must communicate adequately with the client about the representation. They must also still perform a conflicts check.

4) For a limit on the scope of representation to be valid, the lawyer must obtain the clients informed consent to minimize any confusion about the scope of the representation.

5) One reasonably available alternative, depending on the clients budget, may be for the client to hire other lawyers for each legal task. Another alternative might be for the client to obtain a lawyer to provide total representation regarding their divorce and or any situation. For the client to understand the risks of proceeding with a limited representation, the lawyer/legal advisor should explain what services he or she will and will not provide, and why additional legal services may be necessary. Therefore, you must understand all of the following terms of this Agreement for Limited Advice and Legal Services between you and the service that is offered on the website of Legal Advice for Divorce.com. You can visit the page Disclaimer, Privacy & Terms on the website.

6) The agreement to receive legal advices by phone or email begins at the time you make a payment via paypal (on the website of Legal Advice for Divorce.com) for the limited legal service you have purchased. The representation of the legal advisor that will answer your question will end after he have provided you the task or service that you have purchased.

7) You are making no commitment to use our services at any time in the future. We have not agreed to represent you by, for example, going to a hearing or trial with you, preparing your case for trial or providing any legal assistance other than for the particular service that you purchased from this website. We have no further obligation to you after completing the task that you have purchased (Consultation by Phone or by Email via the website Legal Advice for Divorce.com).

8) This means that unless we expressly agree to undertake legal services after your initial purchase of online services, you don’t expect the lawyer or legal advisor to do anything else, and Legal Advice for Divorce.com, The Lawyer and/or Legal Advisor don’t expect you to pay anything else.

9) If we prepare a document for you, such as a complaint, and it requires filing procedures, you have agreed to take responsibility for having the document filed properly and in compliance with any legal procedure, according to the instructions that we provide to you. We don’t promise or guarantee any particular outcome.

10) We have made no further investigation of the facts and we rely entirely on you, the client, to provide us with the facts of your situation.

11) Court costs are also part of a lawsuit. They include filing fees and service of process fees. We will not pay any costs associated with your case. These costs are your responsibility to pay.

12) By affirmatively accepting this Agreement, a legal consultant/attorney and client relationship is created. This means that all communications with you will remain confidential and we may decline to give you advice if we have a conflict of interest. For example, if we find that we have already advised your spouse or family on a matter, or for any other reason set forth in the Rules of  general professional conduct of the lawyers and legal advisors.

13) The transmission and receipt of information within the website of Legal Advice for Divorce.com does not form or constitute an attorney-client relationship. If the Legal Advisor or Lawyer that is referred by Legal Advice for Divorce.com determines that we represent another client whose interests conflict, or are likely to conflict, with the client’s interest, The Lawyers reserves the right to ask Legal Advice for Divorce.com to return any flat fees paid and terminate any further transmissions, while protecting the confidentiality of any privileged information that the person has provided via the website.  We must confirm that the necessary conflict reviews have been conducted after receiving your contact information from Legal Advice for Divorce.com before we accept this engagement. The engagement has been accepted if you receive a return answer to your inquiry. Only at that point may you rely upon that answer as constituting “legal advice” pursuant to this limited services agreement.

14) By making a payment for a consulting service by phone or email via Legal Advice for Divorce.com I understand that I will have responsibility for filing my legal documents and proceeding as a pro se litigant. I have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the above, and I authorize the Lawyer or the Legal Advisor that is being referred by Legal Advice for Divorce.com to proceed in providing me with the limited legal service that I have purchased based upon these terms and conditions.

15) Your Informed Consent – I understand that once we provide services to you our fees are non-refundable. By making a payment via Legal Advice for Divorce.com, you are acknowledging that you have carefully read this Agreement and considered and understand the possible risks and benefits of the limited-service representation described in this Agreement. Understanding those possible risks and benefits, you voluntarily, knowingly and intentionally enter into this Agreement with the Lawyers or Legal Advisors that are being referred by Legal Advice for Divorce.com for the limited scope of services being provided to you.

Please send an email at legal@legaladvicefordivorce.com if you have any questions or comments regarding this agreement or contact us at info@legaladvicefordivorce.com if you have any questions or comments about the website.